Kilfenora Greenway access

Last week Brendan Griffin (someone who is no stranger to the greenway) paid a visit to listen to the concerns of local residents and businesses regarding the lack of an access point to the greenway at Kilfenora.

While an access point in Kilfenora was expected with one even been indicated as part of the planning application for the greenway it has since transpired that access in the area was no longer part of the project, with residents been told that the closest official access point will be the pump station in Fenit, requiring a 2km trip along the busy and narrow main Fenit R558 Road.

If the greenway is to be a success it is essential that access is provided for locals and visitors alike, in line with the ‘Greenways and Cycle Routes Ancillary Infrastructure Guidelines​’ this location would make an idea minor trailhead:

In addition to providing practical resources such as parking and direction signage, these minor trailheads should ideally encourage participation from local residents and from passing impulse participants, and can also act as Route Rest Areas

Greenways and Cycle Routes Ancillary Infrastructure Guidelines

The letter below signed by over 110 residents of the area was sent to Kerry County Council:

To: Mr Tom Sheehy, Senior Engineer, Kerry County Council, Mr Sean O’Sullivan, Senior Executive Engineer, Kerry County Council
Kilfenora 14/02/2021

Dear Mr Sheehy and Mr O’Sullivan,

We the residents of Kilfenora are writing to formally request an access point to the Tralee to Fenit Greenway in Kilfenora. There has been an overwhelming desire expressed by the people in the community to utilise this wonderful facility. We were told at the pre-planning meeting, and it was indicated as part of the manager’s report for the Part VIII planning application, that Kerry County Council intended to provide an access point to the Greenway at Kilfenora. However we have now been told that our official access point at this time is by the pump station in Fenit. To reach this access point will mean walking or cycling 2km on the busy and narrow main Fenit R558 Road.  This will pose a serious safety issue for the residents of Kilfenora.  Therefore we the undersigned householders in Kilfenora wish to express a huge sense of dismay that we will have no safe access to an amenity that runs right through our community and request that this is addressed before this section of the Greenway is opened.

Yours Sincerely,

[Signed by 110 Kilfenora Residents]

Please note, anyone named in this email is over 18 and has given permission by text or by phonecall to do so.