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  1. If this project does succeed, will there plans to extend the lines (along the railway of course) to as far as Abbeydorney, Lixnaw or further on to Listowel?
    I know it is the hope that the entire great southern railway will be turned into a walking/cycling highway, those it look like this will be likely to happen soon?

  2. just to inform people that the work on the walkway/cyclepath has begun at is progressing at a great rate and from what i gather it should be completed by next March or so.

    1. Sadly, not yet. It’s proving to be rather a protracted affair. If you want I can send you a pdf of cycling routes in Kerry. They are quite challenging. More a solo affair than a family one.

  3. That is a shame, landing in Killarney and want to take in Portmagee to head to Skellig for a trip. But if you have some good suggestions for moderately challenging cycles then fire away.
    Many thanks

  4. Thanks to Cork Cycling Campaign for your support.We now plan to hold our second “WALK THE LINE” soon on the Mounthawk to The Spa section and hope to get even more people to support this great project.

  5. Another “WALK THE LINE” will take place on Sunday 11th December.Assemble at St.Brendan’s Church at 2.30pm and then continue on the rail-line to Mounthawk.Everybody welcome and all support would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Great blog to highlight and document a fantastic project. Hopefully we’ll see something similar for Cork – Kinsale (and many more) in the not too distant future. Keep up the good work!

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