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The following story was on Radio Kerry on the 27th January, 2011.

Plans to develop the old Tralee Fenit railway line into a path and cycleway are advancing well.
The project, which is estimated to cost half-a-million-euro, has already received funding from the Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs.

Funding has also been promised by the Department of Transport, Leader, as well as the local community.

The council is awaiting a proposal from CIE regarding the removal of the track, and following that work will begin on the path.

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  1. They cud buil;d da walkway at da side of da tracks. tracks shud be left there in case it may reopen as a railway in da future.

  2. Why does the phrase “Council are awaiting a PROPOSAL from C.I.E. REGARDING removal of the track” fill me with a sense of foreboding? What does a “proposal” mean in this context and why does it raise itself in the project at this late stage? Can someone find out what it is likely to do to the timescale for completion?

  3. I was up in Mayo last week, it was great to see the section of the old line from Newport to Mulranny opened up as a cycle/walk way. It has been such a success that they are now converting the rest of the line on to Achill.

    Was talking to some locals and it seems to be doing wonders for the area, brings lots of tourists, is well used by the locals too, and has even created directs job in cycle hire.

    I can’t see whay the same would not happen down here !

    1. We aim to get as many people behind this project and then our voices will be heard.This is an amenity that is so badly needed in an area that is crying out for both a great tourist attraction and local welfare.

        1. Hi there, Let me find out more details as I don’t know the people who’ve organised the petition personally but I will eb in Fenit on Friday and will source some more info,
          Thanks, Ailbhe

  4. Phase 1 [petitioning] went very well with a positive response all round.Phase 2 will commence shortly and will involve meeting with the council and some politicians and if need be a public walk on the line.

  5. I must say it is a pity The Tralee to fenit Line cant reopen as a railway again and most of the track remains intac

  6. Hey Stevie,

    I too hope it can be reopened as a railway in the future, CIE will only be allowing use of the line as a walk/cycleway, if or should I say when it become feasible again I am sure they will revoke the right and reopen the railway.

    But here is the crux of the issue, you can be sure that this is not going to happen in the the 10 years, and this is why it is so important for the walkway to go ahead. If it does not those who are are trying to stop the project will extend their gardens by a couple of meters and have squatters rights on the railway which will be a huge issue when it come to reopening it !


  7. Hi Jim if they install a walk and cycle way on the line it can never reopen as a railway because the track will be lifted. Will it ever reopen as a railway again?

  8. I don’t think it is a realistic possibility to reopen the line as a railway, ever. As much as I would love to see that happen, it would require so many changes in many places of the town that nobody would sincerely consider it for a long time to come. It would take at least three new level crossings over heavilly used roads (Edward Street, Rock Street/Ballybeggan Road, Bracker O’Regan Road) and that alone would most likely not be feasible. Then Dunnes Stores would have to surrender much of their warehouse/storage are which is build in part on the old bridge crossing the big river. And that’s only the very start of the line…
    But I agree with Jim, the closest thing we can get to at least retaining a slim possibility of reopening the line is the cycle way. Which would not be the only good thing about it.

  9. Holger,

    The only way fuel prices are going is up, which would make public transport more viable.

    Of course a public light rail would make most sense [ something like these ? ]

    All the crossings could just be fitted with lights [like trams ] once you get out of Tralee there is only one crossing anyway

    The full length of the line is still intact it runs behind Dunnes and an Sean Mhuilean.

    CIE are being forced to open up its network to other operators, and there is even talk in other part of the country or community rail partnerships !

    And if the railway did reopen it would also have an instant freight customer !

    stevie said – if they install a walk and cycle way on the line it can never reopen as a railway because the track will be lifted.

    Steve it is not that simple, if they decided to reopen the railway in the morning they would still have to lift the line as the sleepers are not in usable condition.

    If you every want to see the line open again you should ensure it is maintained as a complete route and the best way to ensure this is to have it as a walkway.

  10. Meeting today on the old line between St.Brendan’s Park and Connolly Park with Kerry’s Eye and a few Councillors.All welcome and hopefully we can set a date for a public walk on the line.

    1. Although Keith was so kind to notify me I didn’t make it in time for the meeting, Could anybody who was in attendance please update us on the current situation? Thanks in Advance, Holger

      1. Very good attendance and a positive meeting.A public walk on the line from Rock St. to Mounthawk will take place on Sunday 23rd October and I would urge any interested parties to come along.

  11. Public walk will take place on Sunday 23rd.October starting at St.Brendan’s Church at 2.30 and continuing to Mounthawk along the old rail line.Everyone welcome and good footwear needed.

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