10 thoughts on “Which would you prefer ?

  1. The one will the walkway build seems nice and the one with the line half overgrow is nice too. Sadly I find it hard to see a walk and cycle way been build on the line very soon but we will keep our hopes up

  2. Car Park because your harming nature and nature is beautiful….and sometimes we do need a good parking space because there is very few near town

    1. That is interesting Susan,

      Would you really prefer to have 2 car parking spaces [ in a town with over 1000 already] than a 14km route in which to appreciate that beautiful nature that you mention ?

      Also by creating more cyclepaths & walkways more people will leave their cars at home and walk or cycle into town. This will mean less pollution [ car emissions harm not only nature but also human and animal life ] and more free car park spaces for those who choose to drive !

    2. Putting a car park here would only cause more mayhem in this area as already you have the Dunnes Stores entrance/exit directly opposite.

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