Walk the Line 2Another “WALK THE LINE” will take place on Sunday 11th December.Assemble at St.Brendan’s Church at 2.30pm and then continue on the rail-line to Mounthawk.Everybody welcome and all support would be greatly appreciated.

12 thoughts on “WALK THE LINE 2

  1. Well, despite some minor obstacles the crowd again made it to the gate at Mounthawk. And this time the rain wasn’t nearly as bad as ath the october walk, although this time we a hail shower 🙂 But seriously, it was another great event with lots of support. Thanks again to Mike for the delicious brownies and all the stuff. I think were getting closer to the opening of the cycle way each time we meet.

  2. I think I worded the part with the opening quite poorly. As far as I know there is not even an actual date set for the building process to start. What I meant is that it is very encouraging to see that sustained level of support from the community even in less than ideal conditions like today and last time. There still is some opposition to the project (which again was clearly visible today), but I think we have a real chance to make it happen in the not to distant future. The more support is there the sooner it will happen I guess. I think the many children – apart from having a lot of fun today in the mud – learned a valuable lesson today.

  3. The tracks have not been lifted yet. They are in the bushes to the left (viewing uphill) and quite overgrown, but clearly visible in most places. A small number of track parts is stacked right behind the gate at Mounthawk, but they don’t seem to have moved in a long time too. A bit surprising since all that metal must be quite valuable right now, but yes – they are still there Stevie.

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