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  1. OMG! if this is what the KCC calls a walking / cycling path they really should get somebody that knows what there doing on the job. The surface is second rate and is not suitable or appropriate for cycling, roller blading or skate boarding. it needs to be a smooth Asphalt finish like other in other countries with clear markings and signage etc. why cant anything be done to a European standard in this country for the love of god. the cost difference is 35euro/M2 compared to 27euro/M2. the width of the path could have been compromised if money was the issue. Also, the industrial fencing is a disgrace and screens off a beautiful green area with trees and shrubs.

  2. As a Tralee man living in Perth West Australia, I am impressed that common sense prevailed in the political arena to get this done, well done to all the proactive people and supporters that made this become a reality and did not back down when at times it proved frustrating. This will contribute to a great quality of life for all and will further expose the great outdoor potential Tralee and its surrounding environs has. The trick now is to keep the momentum going and extend the line to Fenit and beyond to the Kerry border. As the late Monseignor Horan said Build it and they shall come. Lets hope we have enough B&B’s in Fenit to cater for all those green Europeans.

    For a reference please take a look at the following website as an example of what Perth has done and continues to do to promote cycling and walking; http://www.transport.wa.gov.au/mediaFiles/AT_CYC_P_WABN_Plan.pdf

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