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  1. These pictures remind me that my mother, Mary Flynn, grew up at the Spa w her brothers and sisters all born around the early 1900s. As they grew some of the family left, my mother to London and later to the U.S. as did her brother, Sean. During the Civil War, her other brother, Tom, was killed when Free State troops arriving on the Lady Wicklow landed at Fenit Pier. My Uncle Tom was a member of IRA Brigade #1 or 2, known as the Boherbee Brigade. Hw about l9 at the time of his death, The other sisters, Bridie, Julia and Johanna never left Ireland. Last, my grandfather, Tom Flynn, worked at the pier at Fenit but he passed when all his children were very young. His wife Nell Moriarty was from Fenit and their are many Moriarty’s from the area still around. Happily I was able to visit Ireland twice in the early 60s and was able to meet many of the Flynn relatives and friends.

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